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AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company, Delaware-registered but headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the world's largest telecommunications company,[citation needed] the largest provider of mobile telephone services,[citation needed] and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States through AT&T Communications. Since June 14, 2018, it is also the parent company of mass media conglomerate WarnerMedia, making it the world's largest media and entertainment company in terms of revenue.

An article by Jack Busch in GPost in May 2019 says the following about AT&T:

"Anyone who has been an AT&T customer for any length of time knows this already. AT&T is notorious for its service issues—from dropped calls and poor coverage to controversial changes to its iPhone data plans—and ongoing issues like these. Thus the phones ring ‘round the clock in their customer service call centers."


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Current Employee - Manager Network Services says

"Pay does not reflect work required,"

Current Employee - IEFS Tech says

"The company does not care about balancing work and personal life"

Current Employee - AT&T Mobility RSC says

"management strongly encourages unethical sales behavior, including straight up lying to customers Union is awful at negotiating contracts and really only benefits the most tenured workers no paid sick time no paid maternity leave commission structure constantly changes and gets worse each time."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Retention goals unattainable, slow traffic, metrics are inconsistent, management doesn’t know what they’re doing"

Former Employee - National Fiber Team Executive says

"Ridiculous CRM's, customers last on list"

Current Employee - In Home Expert says

"dangerous, no boundaries, no structure, reckless behaviors, it's like working for a mob boss, excessive hours 120 a week +, everything is considered needs of the business & mandatory, can not solicit, no sales exceptions, very dishonest, constantly changing & setting unrealistic sales expectations, Very HIGH turnover rate."

Former Employee - Advanced Technical Support Representative says

"Hours, work every weekend until close for 2-3 years to gain seniority. Pay- no changes or just a few cents an hour in past five years, upper management not around, tough to find supervisor if you have upset caller... Retention has lots of things they can offer upset support doesn't"

Current Employee - Leveraged Service Representative says

"Mandatory OT. No flexibility . Insane metrics and abusive management"

Current Employee - Senior Systems Architect says

"Massive debt has resulted in 6 years of huge layoffs and cost reductions; Outsourcing to foreign works after layoffs; Increased dividend to give impression that everything is good then did layoffs to cover the cost"

Current Employee - Corporate Reliability Engineer says

"Very disorganized, not permanent, management sucks"

Build Release Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked at DirecTV before they got bought out by AT&T. I only made $60k and this was in southern California so I qualified for food stamps (outrageous). My boss constantly tried to get me to work unpaid overtime but I blatantly refused as that would have been a breach of contract with my employer (I was a contractor) as well as my own personal code of ethics.No one deserves to be pressured into working unpaid overtime."

Retail Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"extremely sales driven, so if you don't like pushing products on people, this isn't the job for you. its very stressful and you have to sell products that are overly expensive and not actually in the consumers benefit."

Asesor Telefonico (Former Employee) says

"Pésima mala horrible asquerosa baja calidad terribleNingunoHorrible"

Retail Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This company does not uphold it’s proposed standards. The internal complaint process is a joke. This position was one of the most unprofessional positions I ever held in my life.The pay was decentToxic corporate culture"

Manager on Duty (Former Employee) says

"The management is terrible. The company is terrible. They treat you just as a number and not as a person. They scale back benefits and commission and then try to spin it as a good thing when really they’re making you work twice as hard for the same/less pay."

Client Solutions Executive (Former Employee) says

"Every time they acquire another company, AT&T will raise monthly goals to astronomical, unattainable levels so they can use the discipline process to get you out the door. No severance packages offered. Nothing comes to mindUnattainable goals, long hours, poor customer service and support"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"You are a number and you will be treated as so the longer you work there. Shady company and people that work there a lot of secrets very little transparency Not much room for growth benefits are not good they go with the cheapest insurance companies. Not manyHard to work for no job security under payed workers no support"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I work for fiber. Selling internet and tv. So couple things. First thing being is what we are img half the time it doesn’t work or we can’t even service fiber to their house. The generated leads given out by AT&T are false. Another thing is we tell customer once peice and AT&T sends them another. Which in turn causes them to cancle completely destroying the reps commission. Lastly being the top sales rep in my office there is bonus structure in place that I have never once received! False promises all around from AT&T"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A 6 week training and I learned absolutely nothing. The only positive about this job, is working from home during covid. They try to create a fun atmosphere but they are failing. I doubt they care because it's all a numbers game. Management is VERY disrespectful.Working from homeEverything"

Wire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible they liked to micro manage and write you up for any reason. They hired us then we got threatened with lay offs 5 months in. Company is constantly hostile and threatening you with every write up possible. Managers were incompetent.Good experienceManagement and lay offs"

Retention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceRacism towards Caucasian employees is completely tolerated. Training is terrible. No internal transfer numbers. Very immature management that is sleeping with employees. The only person who will be favored is LGBTQ and minority. I'll NEVER work for this company again.● Pay & benefitsThey discriminate against handicapped employees. No assistance from Union. No assistance in physical accommodations. Not enough time on lunches and breaks to eat and use the bathroom. They push you into sales and lie about the job requirements.● Job security and advancementThey only promote who they're sleeping with● ManagementManagement sleeps with employees regardless if they're married or their supervisor.● CultureLGBTQ culture and VERY racist towards white employees● OverallYou're better off at fast food, retail or service industry. You'll actually have a better chance of job promotion. They railroad you into doing things you did not get hired to do."

Retention Specialist/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They are mediocre with their pandemic preparedness. There was covid in the Mesa office several times which they withheld from employees. 6 weeks of training that drags on, once you get to the floor you run into pretty much everything not covered in training. Do yourself a favor and stay far away.NoneEverything"

Retail Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The union works for the managers, not the workers. The environment inside is so toxic because all the other workers do is stay in the back hungover. There’s so much mental and verbal abuse, you might as well be in a relationship. I don’t know if this is just Hawaii but they can’t wait to fire you and will do every thing in their power to make it quick. 401K, dental, medical, visionCulture"

Store manager (Former Employee) says

"I work at prime communications and they are the worst company I have ever worked for. I’ve spent 8 years in this job and they will cheat lie and steal from you. Corporate oversees all of this and approves anything that is good for the business. If that means adding insurance and charges onto a customers account that they did not want. AT&T and Prime communications could care less about their employees or their customers. They encourage you to do fraudulent transactions. Sales goals are set high so you will not obtain them and will not get paid out on your commissions or bonuses.CustomersManagement Encouraging Fraud"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Id rather not say why too wirk here, pay is ok to much to deal with. Scheduling is horrible, management team is the worst I habe worked for. Att has hired people who lie to customers and are ok with doing so"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management has no appreciation for it's workers.Seven day work weeks without additional compensation are expected.There is no advancement from within. Outside patronage jobs are where it's at.nonePhil Murphy style management"

Operations Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The merger between At & t and BellSouth ruined my life. No real effort was afforded me in obtaining another management position. After the merger, it was clear that a significant bias was towards retaining female versus male management employees. NoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Commission payout changes constantly is just one thing. I know plenty of people that were forced to work during this COVID19 outbreak while being sickNonePore managment"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"NW market Portland/Washington I got set up by mangament to lie to the investigators at&t, that management didn’t coach me to set up DirectvNow subscriptions for customers even if they did not want them. Also promoted me to assistant manager just to humiliate me by firing me, for doing what I was told to do or else I would be written up.Pays well if you work your butt ff and drink the kool-aid.Over worked, Employment always threatened"

Strategic Account Manager II (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company, management lies constantly.Compensation is terrible, benefits are terrible and again, management lies.Legacy products and high product costs"


"Was told I'd get a letter in 30 days for a $200 gift card to use as I please. Paying the second month and still no card. Do I called them this morning and the rewards dept had no idea what the hell I was talking about, but said they give $100 reward cards and it'll be another 3 wks. Plus this 2nd pymt. already was more. Who the hell knows why....BET THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW, JUST LOOKED LIKE A NICE ROUND NUMBER TO ROUND IT OFF TO."

Sandy Green says

"I was an ATT Internet customer in California from January 1019 to June 2019. I called to cancel my service and was told that since the city I was moving to did not have their service, I would not have to pay the early termination fee as I would not be able to forward my service. Sounds reasonable, right? However, after a year of never receiving any communication in the mail even though I had a forwarding address, same phone number and same email address. I was sent to collections to pay this fee. When I called to settle this issue, I was forwarded to 4 separate people who could do nothing to help or cancel this collection situation. They said they could not help me and that I had to just pay the fee even though this policy is in place. I will never use ATT again. I will tell every human I know to never use them and that they have a horrible business practice of sending people to collections without even trying to settle a balance with the customer. It's ridiculous that they do this to people who have done nothing wrong. Shame on you ATT."

Verified Anonymous says

"I got an AT&T prepaid plan to use it with an eSIM (dual phone number). I decided to contract the service after chatting with a representative online, who told me that I should first contract the service and then call (866-975-0050) to activate the eSIM. Textually saying: "Once the simcard is activated, then just need to contact us to take that number and set it up as an eSim! then you will receive a code to register this one on your iPhone SE" However when I called, they told me they cannot make the eSIM activation through calls and that it should be done before acquiring the plan (and sim card). And that my options now, were to either change for a new phone number or go physically to the store for a QR code in order to activate the esim service. I am completely disappointed they gave me fake information to SELL me the plan!!! The customer service don't know how to solve these type of issues - clearly because it's the system on how at&t is making money and selling. I spent more than 1 hour trying to fix and got nothing. AT&T is very tricky, is training its employees to say fake information in order to sell, they even give you additional info to build "trust", such a phone numbers, etc. But they won't respond for any claim, they don't care. WATCH OUT before buying anything from them!"

David Sanders says

"Absolutely the worst service that I've ever dealt with not only do they charge you way more than they should for the programming if they provide but once you have a problem with their equipment they want to charge you to come and fix their crap they have no customer loyalty whatsoever worst company I've ever seen run in America"

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